24 February 2010


i had the happiest weekend in a while, sleep deprived, working at murray's during the day. but i didn't care one bit. i discovered a contender for best bagel and it's located at pulp and bean in crown heights which is weird because they definitely come from somewhere else and that place has the grossest coffee.

i relived junior year at tim "smakin' tush"'s (thanks jess) XXX birthday in greenpoint after buying my dream instrument, a gibson UB1 banjolele. this nice english man drove me and my friend matt in a bmw to sutton street with "Victor" (the instrument.) tucked between my legs as we sped through greenpoint. i think we played spin the bottle and i was somewhat responsible for ipod drama. i think i danced to nine inch nails and i think i sang a little with galen in tim's room.

later in the weekend we went to "fundays with madam barry" at siobhan's house in crown heights. there was a show and tell and a "baths vs. showers" debate with taco + etc potluck. sourdough bread, avacados, dried cherries.

siobhan won the debate. Queen Bath.

now her friend ben is only allowed to take baths for the next month. he's gonna get real fancy.

17 February 2010


why update when that goodwin girl did it for me

lately: dreaming of leaving NY or affording NY

01 February 2010

the 2010 cheese season

one of the patch designs. by dan mcninch