28 December 2009

two notorious sisters peed all over the counter

the swell inside; yeast,

22 December 2009

when is an apron dirty?

today is one of those days that the day is spent getting to, getting fro, earning money, and sleeping, all before doing it again the next day.

i sent something in the mail and it got me excited

what of it new jersey

21 December 2009

failing a class

"fraq (brother aaron): sarah
whats this you leave your pc on while you are afk
that cheese shop is a bad influence on you
not very eco friendly are we
afk gotta put more mulch in my pockets"

turtle was missing for two days but i finally scooped her up and now butter won't stop cleaning her fur and hugging her. she was getting really lonely and depressed.

also i wrote a song on ukulele. also it finally snowed