25 May 2010


matt and my soon-to-be 14 year-old ancient dinosaur napping in new jersey

i graduated college, just waiting for my pocket diploma to arrive.

last week i rode bikes around with matt. we drank paulaner hef in rittenhouse square and ate robiola bosina with white peaches and pink lady apples. the baguettes in new york are cheaper. i'm pretty into amish maple yogurt from that company who's name i can't remember. it's sold all around the reading terminal market. good stuff.

my birthday edibles: thai food in south philly -> massaman curry with troegenator double bock & a hot fudge sundae from franklin fountain.

summer plans:

- my last day at murray's cheese for now is this saturday.
- this sunday galen, caitlin and i are leaving for our road trip to austin. we're going down the cost, possibly, camping on a beach somewhere with wild ponies. i can't remember the name. we might go to savannah. who knows. definitely going back to new orleans this time.
- going to hang out in austin until june 9th, then i'm going to oakland to see alana and have fun every day.
- flying into philly june 22, stay there for a few days, come home at some point. possibly pick up a few shifts at murray's until...
- july 14-aug 8 matt and i will be working at jewish sleepaway camp in milford, pa. best job ever
- serious apartment/job hunting in philadelphia will happen when i return.