02 July 2010

mama says

i went on a big trip and now i work many days a week at the train station selling cheese. i play with butter when i am too tired after work and the other day i lost her in my room. i worried all day but there she was hiding in a secret spot behind the drawers of my dresser.

it was just like this:

yesterday i witnessed someone finishing their book on the subway around 168th street. whenever i finish a book in public i look around as if others might be experiencing the same type of satisfaction that i had, even though it is impossible. but it made me happy that i saw her finish it, because that feels pretty good to finish a book.

i won tickets to istanbulive even though i don't care either way about turkish music. i just can't resist radio call in contests. the show is free, but i won't have to wait on line, assuming there might be one. i guess "winning tickets" isn't exactly the right way to describe not having to wait online to a free event. i might go after work on saturday.