30 April 2010

april 30, 2010


The rain is no more, but never
Did I stand at the border,
Where one leg is still
Dry and the other gets wet in the rain.

Or in a country where people
Bend no more
If something falls to the ground.

-- Yehuda Amichai

20 April 2010


two big exciting things this week:

on thursday, 4/22: white suns and satanized will be joining us for cheese club in the sin-ema at the student center. we must spend the rest of the budget so it's going be extravagant.

on saturday 4/24: the 29th annual school of natural and social science senior project symposium. beginning at around 8 or 9, i believe. free food. i will be presenting my project at 11:40 in the social sciences building here at purchase. here's my abstract. i figure i would post this for the 3 people who may stumble upon this and be curious.

‘Walk Right In’: Narrating Gendered Identities through Performance

My project is an analysis of gender-based pedagogical norms in jazz music education at Purchase College. Using observations in Purchase classrooms, I argue that personal narrative, or the way we make sense of who we are and where we came from, is often ignored in musical training. Specifically, I focus on gender identity in the classroom, everyday experiences, and music performances. I suggest that musical training requires more than the development of technique; listening to and creating music are practices rooted in how we embody experiences and transform them into narratives of the self.

12 April 2010


"...the school has gotten so much better in the past 3 years, and so far away from the freak environment it used to be..."


02 April 2010

gr8 ets

time to show off:

tasty things we made in philadelphia:

- simple garlicy pasta with kale & sundried tomatoes, lemon
- bourbon banana bread
- omelets with avocado, sundried tomatoes, goat chz, caramelized onions with red potato home fries
- banana pancakes with all sorts of jams, peanut butter/ devoured in the backyard
- cinnamon/brown sugar kettle corn
- wemadethem roasted red peppers with lemony/spiced black beans and roasted asparagus
- holes in one/eggsinabasket, fried turnip cake (law bok gow) with soy sauce/scallions
- root beer floats with whiskey/stewarts/coffee heath bar crunch ice cream
- popcorn with sriracha and lemon juice

tasty things we did not make:

- vegan brunch: tofu benedict with sautéed kale and roasted sweet potatoes / fake sausage with avocado topped with mushroom gravy served with a panko/coconut breaded king mushroom (at mi lah)
- $4.50 huge shared bowl of hand drawn noodles with both a tea egg & fried egg, cilantro, other greens at nan zou
- tarentaise with onion jam, birchrun blue with chocolate fig spread / schneider aventis, nameforgotten chianti at tria
- coca cola w cane sugar in glass bottle from mexico bought from bodega around the corner/ chinese sponge cake; v airy and moist
- $12 way-too-big (really) pitcher of frozen lime margarita, chips and an avocado salsa eaten on the street in the sun, shared btwn two people at cantina (drnk before show at upenn punk frat)
- guayabas now in season at the italian market
- matt's mom's leftover birthday cake w delicious homemade chocolate frosting; stolen bites from the fridge all day every day