14 January 2010


under the lime tree
on the open filed
where we two had our bed
you can still see
lovely broken
flowers and grass
on the edge of the woods in a vale
sweetly sang the nightingale ... "

opening to walther von der vogelweide's "unter der linden", translated.

i went to see photos at the met the other day. it was probably one of the highlights of the past few weeks. i got to taste many beers paired with many cheeses last night. the perks of my job.

the downside of everything is that i'm behind on my senior project, but who isn't, right?
right? right.

i was stuck in traffic on a bus for a long time on the NJ side of the george washington bridge and this stared back at me.

03 January 2010

my brother is marrying a japanese girl next march

aaron: sarah
me: ?
aaron: with an H
you hear the news
me: yeah your dreams have come true
aaron: i know frisky is moving to cuba!

01 January 2010

i'm sorry

new fears 12/31/09 (thanks sam branman), staying up all night to see blastoids at like 5:30AM.

i lost my ipod but found $20.

this is the song that i recorded with my friend zach. there are some mistakes here and there but that's ok for now. i wanted to embed it here but i guess i'm dumb and can't figure out how to do that. so here is a download link. sorry for the trouble.

i baked two loaves of raisin challah, braided in a circle for the near year. i also made some baked candied sweet and savory walnuts, almonds, and pecans.

this is an important year for everyone.