22 June 2009

Come On Ride It (the train)

5pm: Meet @ end of the 7 train platform @ Times Square
6pm: All bands play subway-themed songs together in train car as we ride through Queens towards Flushing Meadows
7pm: Arrive @ World’s Fair Grounds // begin round robin.

also caitlin christian-lamb will be in attendance which makes me the happiest camper forever

15 June 2009

Manifest Destiny's Child Tour 2k9

Dan, Neil, and Mike at Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX

- jungle-themed room in Boulder City, Nevada complete with hot tub, mirrored ceiling, circular bed, fake plants, Neil and I jumping on the bed forever
- drinking out of mason jars at a diner in Boulder City the next morning while we all were wearing Mimi from the Drew Carry show t-shirts
- City Museum in St. Louis where they have secret tunnels in manmade, indoor caverns, passageways to dinosaur lands, tunnels of monkeybars suspended above 7 floors, crashed planes and buses nearly falling off buildings for exploring, a 7 story spiral slide, a hamster wheel inside a bank vault, a giant ball pit, secrets
- our show at Rhinoceropolis in Denver, CO or The Student Center minus firecode violation fears and meeting tons of cool people/dancing forever/playing with Blastoids
- our show at Guilty Pleasures in Bloomington, Indiana with Math the Band and the most amazing vegan tacos I've ever tasted
- that time when Neil threw a mini-eclair ("This tastes like dragon ejaculate") out of a moving car window into the other car, hitting Jesse Meredith in the face while he was driving!
- that time when Mike Shissler tried to sneak into the hotel pool after we checked out and didn't have a key, wearing only my tiny scooby doo boxers that originally belonged to an ex-boyfriend, gold sneakers, and sunglasses, sneaking up into the smallest window ever above a door, turning bright red, only to find that the door wouldn't open from the inside and had to sneak his way up again.
- Then we found a button that simply unlocked the door.
- driving on the most beautiful part of i-80 ever in Kansas, going 100 mph
- driving down route 1 on the edge of north america in California for 3 hours
- Owen coming to our Oakland show and getting silly with me
- BBQ with new friends in Oakland, only to go to the swankiest cemetary ever complete with palm trees and too much moonlight. Then we drove up a mountain and shot off fireworks illegally
- 10 people in tiny motel rooms
- playing for record execs in a swanky hotel in San Diego, running around to other parties, having a "board meeting" in the Fontana Records suite to explain the future of the music industry, open bars, free pistachios, listening to music on a $65,000 record player, and finishing the night in a hot tub

The bad stuff:
- When half of our group got mistakened for meth-dealers in Boulder City, had to have their hands on the hood of a cop car and get their car illegally searched while the other half enjoyed the jungle-themed room and hot tub
- Pretty much everything about Las Vegas
- When people decided not to go to The Price Is Right even though it would have been awesome
- Not going to the Grand Canyon because it was dark out
- breaking veg for biscuits and gravy, only to feel terrible for hours later
- not playing shows on the way back
- not getting back in time to play with Andrew WK at the cake shop
- hitting my head way too hard at City Museum
- getting a speeding ticket for going 100 mph on i-80 in kansas
- how it is basically impossible to travel with 10 people and expect people to be on the same page with almost anything
- doing that much driving in 2 weeks in two tiny sedans

but it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!