23 September 2010

fairytale in the supermarket

i moved into the third and a half floor of a west philadelphia house built in 1900. the half stands for my towering lofted bed. it makes my tiny room feel bigger, but i still haven't gotten around to procuring a desk and a chair so we sit on pillows on the floor below. i have a big window sill that needs plants and i can see into my neighbor's house but i try not to look in too much.

places butter has lived: maine, NY, NJ, pennsylvania

i work at a beer/wine/cheese restaurant in center city where i have to sort of dress up when i go to work. they are filling my brain with lots of wine knowledge and that's pretty cool. tasting things means you spit out things that taste good because you don't want to get too buzzed to realize what you're tasting. you also don't want to be drunk at work later.

we went to cape may last weekend for alex's birthday. his mother made us homemade blintzes with farmer's cheese and blackberry compote for breakfast and the agran boys sang barbershop for us music lovers, as alex's dad called us. the beach was perfect but the waves were a little too scary for me. this time of year brings dangerous currents and huge waves. careful!