31 October 2010

floating in the toilet

we got back to matt's house the night before last and there was a small brown mouse half dead swimming in pee in his toilet. we don't know how it got there but flushed it three times to be safe. perhaps it's all the horror films we've been watching.

i made chana masala and the smell of strong curried spices wafted out the front door onto tree street. we played clockcleaner and spooky music out the window and matt wore a creepy mask to greet tiny children wearing fake muscle chest plates. one little boy came up to the house and forgot what to say so his dad whispered "trick or treat" in his ear so i would know he wasn't coming by to bring us the mail. i believe we presented a very intimidating house to the world.

i got two new jobs.


  1. Did you see the rattoo I posted??? I thought of you when I saw it, it's super cute.

    Also, poor mousie :(

  2. very cute. leta is working on an iguana tattoo on my thigh in homage to my dinosaur who lives at my parents' house.